The Folly of Modern Gods

by Vehement Reverie

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All music written/performed/programmed by Joseph Allocca

Notes on recording:
All guitars were performed on an electric bass. I have an Ibanez BTB 5-string with Bartolini pickups and a 3-band EQ. For the guitar parts, I selected the bridge pickup, tuned it tenor, cranked the treble knob, then rolled back the mids and bass till it sounded good.
Thank Yous:
To Jason, my musical brother, without whom my musical journey would have probably ended long ago. To Ryan, I know I wasn’t the best friend to you, but you’ve helped my musical skill and styling become what it is today. To Anya, who has been one of my biggest supporters in these musical pursuits of mine, and to Lauren K. who has always been encouraging in all my pursuits. To my family, who provide me with the help, mental, and emotional support I need to stay sane and do this stuff. To Chris, Nick and John from Death Becomes You… from being part of the inspiration for me to start making music on my own. To James and Joey. Sarah and Heather. Justin K. Richard, and Sean. To Brian, for fixing the bass which I performed with on these recordings. To Graham Cochrane from Recording Revolution, and the dude from The Arkham Rebellion youtube channel for all of the kick ass mixing tips….they are the only reason this sounds as good as it does. To Chez and all my mallrat buddies. To Keith the “Death Raver” for setting me on the path towards heavy music. To Greg, Ronnie, and Galuzo. To Ally, who occupies a place in my heart from which I never cease to draw inspiration. To Phil Anselmo for being a badass and making awesome music. To Alissa White-Gluz for demonstrating that metal can still be heavy, brutal and in your face and be about something other than zombies, demons, or necrophilia. To Alex Webster for being the prime influence on my bass playing for years. To Scott Devine from Scott’s Bass Lessons for all the cool free lessons and tips.

Ibanez BTB 5-String Bass. Bartolini Pick-ups. Behringer Ultra DI. Lexicon Omega Audio Interface. Amplitube 3. Poulin LeCab 2. FL Studio. Reaper’s ReaEQ. LANDR mastering service. Monster cables. Samson CL7 condenser mic. D’Addario strings. Kick & Toms samples from The Metal Kick Drum. Snare and Cymbal Samples via Choked Crash sample in Floral Excruciation via teleport8 from No samples were altered beyond typical mixing techniques like EQ and compression.


Strike the Match and Set The Blaze
An Ever-growing Pyre
A Sacrifice To Modern Gods
To Gain Their Holy Favor
Eyes Blinded By the Flames
Never A Glimpse of Consequence
Only Your Lord’s Gaping Maw
The Smile Of The Slaver

But As You Shun The Ancient Ones
Ever Tempting Their Wrath
They Watch As Your World Slowly Burns
Can’t You Hear Their Laughs?

It Does Not Burn, But Frosts Your Heart
The Insatiable Desire
To Possess Abstractions Of No Worth
To Gods And Ants Alike
No Price Too High To Build Your Dream
For The World’s Gold Is Yours To Spend
But The Gods, They Do Not Deal In Trinkets
Your Lust Is Purchasing The End

A Swelling Now of Cosmic Anger
From The Ancients Who You’ve Spurned
Your Modern Gods Begin To Tremble
Those Not Drowned, Will Burn

A Smile Marks The Ancient’s Faces
As You Recall And Start To Heed
But What Is Done Is Done, They Will Not Weep
As The Entire Planet Screams


released October 7, 2014



all rights reserved


Vehement Reverie Florida

A daydream so appealing that you cling to it violently. This is the meaning of Vehement Reverie. Abandoning the trends of technical death metal and instead returning to the dark roots of extreme music, and taking influences from black metal, death metal, and classical music Vehement Reverie brings a sonic assault unlike any other. ... more

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